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Crypto Coins/Tokens are replacing Fiat Money all over the world at an astounding rate! Let us show you HOW to get yours Today!

What Is The Digital Wealth Building System Process, How Does It Work, And How Can I Participate?

QuantumDrive.io Fun Fact: Crypto Currencies, Tokens, NFTs and DAOs are replacing Fiat Money and Corporate System Structure all over the world at an astounding rate! Don't miss the train as it is still at the station right now!

Countries Right NOW With National Cryptocurrencies! As of 2015.

  1. * Dubai (UAE) |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Emcash <|||
  2. * Venezuela |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Petro <|||
  3. * Estonia |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Estcoin <|||
  4. * Russia |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Crypytoruble <|||
  5. * Sweden |||> Cryptocurrency Name: E-Krona <|||
  6. * Japan |||> Cryptocurrency Name: J-Coin <|||
  7. ** Israel |||> Cryptocurrency Name: GoodDollar <|||
  8. **** Tunisia |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Dinar <|||
  9. **** Senegal |||> Cryptocurrency Name: eCFA <|||
  10. ***** Portugal |||> Cryptocurrency Name: CryptoEscudo (CESC) <|||
  11. ***** Deutsche |||> Cryptocurrency Name: eMark (DEM) <|||
  12. ***** Iceland |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Auroracoin (AUR) <|||
  13. ***** Spain |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Pesetacoin (PTC) <|||
  14. ***** Greece |||> Cryptocurrency Name: GreeceCoin <|||
  15. ***** Scotland |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Scotcoin <|||
  16. ***** Cyprus |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Aphroditecoin <|||
  17. ***** Ireland |||> Cryptocurrency Name: IrishCoin <|||
  18. ***** Oglala Lakota Nation |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Mazacoin <|||
  19. ***** China |||> Cryptocurrency Name: PBOC <|||
  20. ***** Netherlands |||> Cryptocurrency Name: eGulden (EFL) <|||
  21. ***** Singapore |||> Cryptocurrency Name: MAS <|||
  22. ***** Ecuador |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Sistema de Dinero Electrónico <|||
  23. ***** Kyrgyzstan |||> Cryptocurrency Name: GoldenRock <|||
  24. ***** Palestine |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Palestinian Pound <|||
  25. ***** Canada |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Maplecoin <|||
  26. ****** Iran |||> Cryptocurrency Name: Rial <|||
Before We Begin, Here Is A Free Gift For You From QuantumDrive.io

Here at QuantumDrive.io we want to show you what we can do for you by first of all sending you a sample of one of our Crypto Currencies we created. If you have a Cardano compatible wallet like Exodus.io or a "hot wallet" on the Cardano Blockchain like Eternl.io then pick one of the Coin/Tokens on our QuantumDrive.io - Portfolio page and send us your receive address to get Eighty Eight (88) of that Coin/Token for free. It does cost us a little to send them and we are fine with that because it is building a wealth system which will be explained below.

How Does The Digital Wealth Building System Work?

Building a Digital Wealth Building System for yourself is only complicated and confusing if you don't understand it. Please let us take you on a journey so you see for yourself how this system works. We can set you on a path to having a thriving ecosystem community with its own dynamic Crypto Coin/Token. Within this article we will show you how to adapt this system to your business, gaming community or hobby.

The term "Community Ecosystem", is used a lot today in the Block chain world and while it is true that the larger your community the better when starting this system, you don't need a large community, or even have a community at all. We can show you have to take your idea and create a community around it that will support a Crypto Coin/Token completely within your idea.

As of January 1st 2023 we estimate this program to be a Two Year Process to get decent results, and if you have at least 100 active users on whatever platform you are using to provide your products and/or services to others you will see the value of your Crypto Coin/Token rise as it is used in the ecosystem community.

Who Is The Digital Wealth Building System Created For?

Anyone that has a following of any kind can use this system. Golf Courses have memberships, Gaming communities; Online Shops that are really popular have large communities. Gyms have great communities also. If you can have people that interact with you for products, services, lessons, food, news... etc. You are a prime candidate for our Digital Wealth Building System!

From March 2023 going forward there will be "The Mad Rush" to get a Crypto wallet and learn how to use it for daily life. This is going to be the new trend that turns into a lifestyle for everyone on this planet.

Explore the benefits of having your own Coins/Tokens/NFTs by
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Having a mailing list of real followers that engage with you on any social media platform, is a perfect way of getting others of like mind engaged in your Crypto ecosystem. Churches would do very well because there are a group of people mostly of one mind and agreement. Remember it is the use of the coin/token that causes the value of your Crypto to grow. As with a Church for example, if there are One Thousand, (1000) families actively involved it could look something like this.

Example #1: A Church with a hundred, (100) families...

that tithe and are engaged in most of the activities will do very well with this system. As the Church grows over the years so does the wealth in the Crypto Coin/Token system. By having the framework of the communication between the church and parishioners with the exchange of products and services most of the hard work for this system is already done.

Example #2: A Neighborhood Gym with a hundred, (100) people...

that come in to workout could have a Crypto Coin/Token and all of the patrons could buy your coin when they sign up with their money and then when they come in to workout they would send a certain amount back to your wallet and the cycle begins. And, also the gym could do as described above for the church and give out the Crypto Coin/Token taking the cost of sending the Crypto Coin/Tokens to everyone out of the marketing budget for that month.

In both of these examples, the church and the gym, this system will perform for you according to how well the Crypto is circulated and for what reasons?

As with a Church or Neighborhood Gym, the list is endless in the ways you can supply your Crypto Coin/Token to everyone. When a person comes to the gym or a family to a church that is using this Wealth Building System you give them a gift of eight thousand (8000), coin/tokens which will cost you under two dollars ($2.00), which is deducted from your marketing budget for the month. This will start the entire process running.

Reminder: You only give the Crypto Coin/Tokens out for free while you are in Phase One (1) and Phase Two (2) of the "Road-map For Success" we create for you when we take you on as a QuantumDrive.io client!
Remember: You would use the money from your marketing budget to give out as many of the Crypto Coin/Tokens as possible in the first two (2), years. This is the secret to the entire system!
Slow And Steady Gets The Gold Ring! Crypto Grows In Value As You Use It!
Slow And Steady Gets The Gold Ring! Crypto Grows In Value As You Use It!
A Quick Word About QuantumDrive.io's Digital Wealth Building System Process & How NFTs will Supercharge Your Community Ecosystem!

While you are reading this and thinking about getting your own Crypto Coin/Token for your project we wanted to drop this in your mind to cook on the back burners of your brain.

After you have gotten your Digital Wealth Building System Process running smoothly we can then visit adding in some high profile NFTs to your system to cause even more growth in your Digital Coin/Token. There is no rush for this as you will be lining up all the neurons in your brain for the crypto experience and this will just be an easy step up from there.

Slow & Steady Gets The Gold Ring!

Apart from the actual blockchains needed to hold all the data created for daily life and world commerce there are bridges and exchanges being created that will incorporate any Crypto that is on the blockchain. The reasons are vast and for this article I will just leave this here. Tthe reason you would want your own Crypto is if you already have or are actively building out a real active community of some kind that exchanges information regularly for any reason. If these individuals interact with you and do so with your Crypto that is basically all you need to get the value of your coin to increase. Nothing is fast in this plan, but, and it is slow and steady that builds the wealth with the coin.

From March 2023 going forward there will be "The Mad Rush" to get a Crypto wallet and learn how to use it for daily life. This is going to be the new trend that turns into a lifestyle for everyone on this planet. This is not going away anytime at least in this timeline. We are on the cutting edge of a complete changeover of the way paying for things happen. How you earn money will be morphing as well. By the end of 2023 you will not see the old financial system in most daily transactions. They will be done with a Crypto coin just like the one you are going to want us to design for you after you finish reading this.

Here is what we see as how things will work within 2 to 4 years going forward. Everyone that has a healthy and growing community that also has its own Crypto will be able to be a part of other communities that have their own Crypto and exchange in daily business because the value of the Crypto's will basically be the same. Crypto grows in value as you use it. That is the very basic answer, and you will be able to do this because on the Cardano blockchain at least there are bridges to other blockchains active now and more are being built as you read this. The same goes for the exchanges you need to trade your coin to another to do commerce. Can you see it now?

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