Tokenized Silver Bar Collections

Tokenized Silver Bar Collection.

Tokenized CNFT Silver Bar Collection #00001 - #10,000


We have created a substantial financial base for our DAO by tokenizing two (2), One Hundred Ounce (100oz), bars of .999 silver with each bar's serial number on it as well.

Introducing the "Tokenized Silver Bar Collection," which is a notable initiative that offers a unique investment opportunity. This collection is not just an ordinary one, as it comprises 20,000 items, specifically numbered from #00001 to #10,000 for each bar. Each item in this collection represents a piece of tokenized, one hundred - ounce silver bar, making it a substantial collection with a significant financial value. And because there are two (2) bars there will be a total of twenty thousand (20,000), NFTs created for this project.

Our QuantumDrive DAO is geared to empowering Entrepreneurs. The software we are designing will create a digital wealth building system for products and/or services that will increase in real world value of the program the longer and the more it is used. Here is a short definition of an Entrepreneur

What Is an Entrepreneur?
An "Entrepreneur" is a person who creates a new business, often taking on most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. They are essential for economic growth, using their skills and initiative to identify market needs and bring innovative ideas to life. Successful entrepreneurship can lead to profits and growth opportunities. Please read the full article here.

These silver bars are not ordinary either. They are of a high purity, being .999 standard, which is a testament to their quality and value. This level of purity is highly sought after in the silver market, making these bars a valuable addition to any collection. Moreover, each bar is unique, carrying its own serial number, which adds to their exclusivity and desirability.

The collection also serves a significant purpose, as it acts as a substantial financial base for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAOs are decentralized organizations that operate on blockchain technology, enabling transparent and democratic decision-making processes. By serving as a financial base, this collection of tokenized silver bars provides a stable and secure foundation for the DAO's operations.

Overall, the Tokenized Silver Bar Collection presents a highly desirable opportunity for those looking to invest in silver, blockchain technology, or both. Its high-quality silver bars, each with its own unique serial number, make it a desirable collection for collectors and investors alike. Furthermore, its role as a financial base for a DAO adds to its significance and potential for growth in the decentralized finance space.

AI Art Original AI Art by Juan Jose Piedra
Creation Date May 12th 2024
NFT Printable Dimensions 1000px X 1500px @ 300dpi
1st. 100 ounce Silver Bar (In a secret underground vault)
#00001 - #10,000 CNFTs
Serial # E101837
2nd. 100 ounce Silver Bar (In a secret underground vault)
#00001 - #10,000 CNFTs
Serial # E102528